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P.V.F. Traders

For P.V.F. Traders we are building a storage facility of: 5150 m2 with an administrative part of P + 1 of 1100 m2. The area of accompanying roads is 5980 m2.  


Reisswolf has engaged us in the expansion of capacity, construction of a new hall of 1,415 m2.


 Savacoop has hired our company to build a 24100 m2 warehouse in Novi Sad.


Company “Letac” has start of the construction of a hall for the company “CTP” in Simanovci. The building area is 14.000 m2 


Construction company “LETAČ” has developed and built the industrial hall for the company “GEZE”. The facility is 5,000 m2, the gallery is 1,200 m2, and the surface of the road is 4,000 m2.

Agro Market

We started the second phase of the construction of a new production hall for Agro Market. The new production hall is a total area of 3.921 m2 and is located immediately behind the logistics center.

Hollo Company

Works on the construction of the farmstead for the needs of the company “Hollo Company D.O.O.” are in the process of planned dynamics. It is a building of 6.241 m2 on a plot of 33,846 m2. In addition to the...

Construction of a farm for “Hollo Company”

“Letač” was hired for the construction of a farm for the needs of Hollo Company D.O.O. in Doroslovo. Construction of an object of 6.241 m2 on a plot of 33.846 m2 is in progress. In addition to the facility, work...

Ireks Stara Pazova

Construction company “Letač” was hired for construction of a hall for the needs of the company “Ireks” in Stara Pazova. Work on a hall of 1300 m2, and a hall of 500 m2 are in progress. Works are running in...


Cooperation with the company “Plamen” from Indjija continues. Construction company “Letač” is hired for the construction of a warehouse hall.